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Hong Kong Foodie To Go prepares its dishes with only the freshest and most healthy ingredients. We acquire and prepare our food every morning and never carry over to the next day.

Chef Rian Chan Meyers prepares dishes in a Hong Kong home-style. This is the same style that Hong Kong residents eat at the family dinner table.

Low salt and low sugar

Extra-virgin olive oil


Hong Kong Foodie To Go Menu

All dishes include white steamed rice
*Combos include a spring roll and soda.
Asparagus + Chicken$10$12
Braised Egg Plant + Chicken$10$12
Broccoli + Chicken$10$12
Celery + Chicken$10$12
Colored Pepper + Chicken$10$12
Mixed Mushroom + Chicken$10$12
Cashew Nut Celery + Chicken$11$13
Kimchi Chicken Stir Fry$11$13
Korean Spicy BBQ Chicken$11$13
All dishes include white steamed rice
*Combos include a spring roll and soda.
Asparagus + Pork$10$12
Braised Egg Plant + Pork$10$12
Broccoli + Pork$10$12
Celery + Pork$10$12
Colored Pepper + Pork$10$12
Mixed Mushroom + Pork$10$12
Cashew Nut Celery + Pork$11$13
Kimchi Pork Stir Fry$11$13
Korean Spicy BBQ Pork$11$13
All dishes include white steamed rice
*Combos include a spring roll and soda.
Asparagus + Shrimp$10$12
Braised Egg Plant + Shrimp$10$12
Broccoli + Shrimp$10$12
Celery + Shrimp$10$12
Colored Pepper + Shrimp$10$12
Mixed Mushroom + Shrimp$10$12
Cashew Nut Celery + Shrimp$11$13
Kimchi Shrimp Stir Fry$11$13
All dishes include white steamed rice
*Combos include a spring roll and soda.
Asparagus + Mixed Mushroom w Tofu$10$12
Braised Egg Plant + Mixed Mushroom w Tofu$10$12
Broccoli + Mixed Mushroom w Tofu$10$12
Celery + Mixed Mushroom w Tofu$10$12
Colored Pepper + Mixed Mushroom w Tofu$10$12
Mixed Mushroom w Tofu$10$12
Cashew Nut Celery + Mixed Mushroom w Tofu$11$13
Kimchi + Mixed Mushroom w Tofu$11$13
Spring Rolls$2 ea/ 2 for $3
Hot + Sour Soup$2 SM/$4 LRG
Gatorade (SM)$2

Patron Comments

“Ok, so after reading about HKF2G in the Gleaner last year, I have been wanting to go ever since. I finally got to go for lunch today! The owners are amazing and it sounds clich√© but they made me feel like family! After I ordered she walked out of the kitchen and gave me the biggest smile and wave once Dave told her it was my first time eating there! The black bean paste chicken and veggies are amazing and the spring rolls are one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!!! If you have been thinking of going let me make that decision for you…YES! Definitely go! I will be going again very soon!”

“Very good!! Fresh tasting food and the spring rolls are amazing!”

“I was ready for yet another Chinese food disappointment when I saw this Food Truck parked near our work today. I was hungry and the truck was right there, so I headed over there. As I gazed through the menu, it was different than what you regularly see at most Chinese places. They had Eggplant!! I don’t recall witnessing that here in Evansville. I had to order the Braised Eggplant with Chicken dish. It was a fantastic dish, not overly sweet or greasy. Loved the texture of the eggplant, not too mushy and not raw either, they were firm and flavored the sauce well.¬† I am definitely coming back and going to order some for my husband as well!”

“Last night, Hong Kong Foodie came to our Summer Soul Sessions, all of the way in Owensboro. Not only were we ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with the Food, but Rian and David were WONDERFUL!! They took a chance on us when the weather was acting rather wonky and made certain that our event was a success!! Thank you SO much!!!!”

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